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SNRT reinforces its trust to Proalpha

PRO ALPHA just won one of the biggest Tenders in Satellite communication in Morocco awarded by SNRT ( la Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision, Maroc ),

The project consists of 4 (four) Tx / Rx earth stations each with two Ku-band ports.

Four earth stations each consisting of a redundant Horizontal or Vertical broadcast channel capable of transmitting a DTH or DTT multiplex. Three DVB-S / S2 DTH stations and a multistream DTT DVB-S2 station.

For this project PROALPHA used its own unique SAT-NMS software developed by our engineers which helps automate the satellite station management. The software is a web-based NMS (Network management system) that manages a full satellite station, from a single equipment to full fledge teleports.

The management system to be provided allows a simple management, interactive, easy to use via a GUI with client / server architecture, TCP / IP protocols, SNMP, HTTP, FTP and documentation "On line" and help.
It must is secure (permissions, passwords for users).
Functionality of the system:
Display of events and alarms of equipment provided;
Display and logging of the following values:
- Transmitted power, power reflected at the output of the amp and combine.
- the display of the synoptic diagrams of the transmission and reception chains;
- statuses: notifications of alarms and events
- Automatic redundancy;
- Uplink Power Control (UPC);
- EIRP display and control;
- A dynamic selection of equipment.

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